The NEW two piece FemSkin IV
Available prefilled or unfilled!

(Above: FemSkin IV unfilled bottom worn like
a leotard and over the chest. Right, FemSkin
IV, filled DD-cup top and unfilled bottom.
Trans-Fantastic Model: Emma Monnopia)

* Includes a fully penetrable vagina, and a
one month replacement guarantee, during
which time we will only replace the FemSkin
due to manufacturer defects, and there are
no refunds due to the nature of the product.

Other options available include:

  • HD (High Definition) lifelike skin tone
  • E-cup FemForms (recommended minimum for the unfilled top)
  • No nips design (I.e. Perfectly smooth breasts without nipples, as worn in the unfilled top by T-Vyrus - allows breast form nipples to augment the top more subtly and where desired, eliminating the double nipple effect.)
  • Urination pouch kit.
  • Installed rectum for a penetrable anus.

You may also use the FemSkin with our FemPads and Padded Girdles.

Left: FemSkin IV unfilled top and bottom, shown with E-cup FemForms.

FSIV, prefilled top

Skin Tone
$600, shipping calculated at checkout.

FSIV, unfilled top

Skin Tone
$400, shipping calculated at checkout.

FSIV, unfilled bottom

Skin Tone
$500, shipping calculated at checkout.
(Note: At this time, the FemSkin IV bottom is only available unfilled.)

Installed rectum



HD skin tone


$145 per piece

Creating the perfect image just got easier!

The new FemSkin IV allows entry at the waist making it super easy to put on and to wear shaping garments and pads underneath. The neck is full height and without the scooped back as found on the FemSkin III. The suits' unique two piece design allows the top to overlap the bottom and vice versa, making it possible to hide the seam in a variety of ways, or to simply wear the top or bottom alone. Buy them together, or if your budget is tight, buy one piece now and the other later. The creative possibilities are endless.

The relaxed dimensions are; Waist 34-inch, Prefilled Bust 42-inch, Neck to Waist 21-inch.

Approximate shipping time is ten business days.
Additional options may be requested by phone or email.
Phone toll free: 800-749-5762
Phone: 941-815-1814

FemSkins are designed for Transgender, and they are anatomically correct. They are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female form. The female genitalia, breasts and anus on the new FemSkin IV are newly designed and super realistic.

The filled and unfilled tops are provided standard with nipples; however, at your request we can provide smooth, nippleless tops at no additional charge.

If you purchase the FemSkin IV unfilled top, then the breast pockets will stretch to accommodate our E-cup FemForms. Smaller cup sizes may not be appropriate, but larger (up to G-cups) are easily accomodated.

The FemSkin IV prefilled top is a one piece solution that makes transforming quick and easy, and it is sized with DD-cup prefill. The silicone is very soft to the touch; with great weight, bounce and improved cleavage definition. In appearance, movement and touch they are stunningly realistic, and they compare very nicely to natural breasts.

Left: Transgender models, Emma Monnopia, Sarah Luv and T-Vyrus demonstrate some of the incredible looks possible with the new FemSkin IV. (Note Emma's use of the bottom as a virtual leotard.)

You may also want to wear the FemSkin IV unfilled bottom with our FemGirdles or FemPads (hip pads). FemPads were designed using the inside of the FemSkin mold, so they are a perfect match and fit; they are made from the same silicone that we use to produce our breast implants, and they offer the bounce and jiggle that you're looking for.

Note: FemForms and FemPads are not for surgical implant use.

Adhering implants and pads to the skin can be greatly assisted with the use of our FemMix adhesive. FemMix is a two part glue, which temporarily adheres all of our prosthetics directly to human skin - without affecting their ability to flex and move naturally.

The proper FemMix ratio is 1-part A, plus 1-part B (by volume) plus a small desired amount of powdered makeup. You can mix the powdered makeup in the A-side making it match your skin tone - then mix in the B-side. The result is a special effects make-up/glue. To remove FemMix, slowly peel the prosthetic away from the skin and slowly peel the FemMix off of the Prosthetic.



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