FemPads are lightweight, stunningly realistic and impossible to differentiate from the natural body when used under a FemSkin or clothes. They add 1 1/4" to each hip, 1 inch to each butt cheek, and 3/4 inch to the thigh all smoothed and tapered down to meet you skin seamlessly.

FemPads come with a smooth exterior and sticky interior to prevent sliding. For a stronger connection use FemMix to glue them to your person.

FemPads are not left or right specific, a left can be flipped over and made into a right or vice versa for a little extra size at the cost of smooth transitions. Additional pads may be layered to increase size as well

FemPads are very soft, have a strong natural stick, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing or deforming.

FemPads are semi-translucent allowing them to perfectly match your skin tone.

FemPads are the most advanced prosthetic padding in the world today. Like all FemSkin products the FemPads are made exclusively of the highest grade silicone possible specially blended to suit the very specific needs of the community. Soft and realistic in feel, bounce, and general booty performance while still being durable enough to be dependable and stretchy enough to fit anyone.

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