The Seamless FemSkin III

The bodysuit that changed the world!

Now with optional HD (High Definition)
lifelike skin tone.

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  • The most scientifically advanced silicone blend in the industry
  • Stretches more than ten times its original size
  • Choose any makeup to get the perfect color
  • Moves naturally with the wearer's body
  • Lifelike feel for both the user and those touching the user
  • Fully penetrable vagina and anus
  • Live casted shape and details
  • No exterior seems, zippers, Velcro, or any other unnatural breaks in the skin
  • Made to order and fully customizable

FemSkin III

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Brand and Name of Makeup

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FemSkins are very soft, strong and elastic, they stretch to many times their original size without tearing. When removed, they return to their original size. Tight and stretchy like pantyhose, they are silky smooth and will shape your body for a sexy female form.

One size fits individuals 5'-5" to 6'-7" tall, 140lbs to 270lbs.

Approximate shipping time is ten business days.

FemSkins are designed for the transgendered, they are anatomically correct. They are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber giving prosthetic bodysuit the ability to create the perfect female form. The female genitalia, breasts and anus are super realistic.

The breast pockets stretch to accommodate the breast forms of your choice. However, for best results we recommend that you use our FemForms. Only our FemForms can guarantee you cleavage. Others may or may not.

You may want to wear the FemSkin with our FemPads for a curvier and more voluptuous look. FemPads were designed using the inside of the FemSkin mold for a perfect fit.

Adhering FemForms and FemPads to the skin can be greatly assisted with the use of our FemMix adhesive but is not required. FemMix is a two-part adhesive which temporarily adheres all of our prosthetics directly to human skin without affecting their ability to flex and move naturally. FemMix creates a super sticky medical adhesive that when cured can be cleaned and reused, or, peeled off and thrown away.

Made from the highest quality silicone science has to offer the FemSkin III is blended to look, feel, and move like real human skin while still boasting a robust strength and ease of use for the wearer. FemSkins are very soft, supple, and feel like well pampered skin while retaining the strength and stretch only a polymer can provide.

1:1 color matching with any makeup on the market, the FemSkin III does not alter the shade of the pigments used to color it

Unlike products made of inferior material the FemSkin III requires no special maintenance or care. Users do not need to oil a FemSkin or keep out of UV light. There's no common house hold chemicals to avoid, no special storage proceedures, and no enviromental concerns. You are free to keep and maintain your FemSkin as you would any other article you wear on your person. Folded in a drawer is fine, proudly displayed on a maniquin is also fine, anything inbetween would be just fine for the FemSkin. House hold chemicals will not effect it, you are free to clean in a FemSkin or have a nice dip in a pool. It will never crack, decay, lose stretch, become less supple, or fade in color no matter how much bleach or sun a FemSkin ever receives.

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