FemSkin V - The Light Weight!
Our thinnest and most durable suit -
just 3mm thick.

Measuring just 3mm thick, it is our thinnest and most comfortable suit to date, and this time around it has a full neck and is stretchy enough to allow access for the big gurlz among you.

Our gratitude to Jamie [Is Masked] (right and below) for handling the modeling chores for the FSV; she is of a respectable height and weight; 5-foot, 11-inches tall, 235Lbs, 42-inch chest, 36-inch waist and 44-inch hips. The only shaping used were a pair of FemSkin E-cups, but that’s it! No corsets, pads or girdles hence, what you see is a sincere representation of what you can expect to achieve with minimal effort and experience on your own, and with virtually no effort.  Those among you who are more creative know that our suits will accommodate any shape that you bring to it, but a reminder that corset clasps and girdle hooks do not make good silicone bedfellows.
The FemSkin V is totally seamless, has a fully functioning vagina, and is expandable beyond twenty feet tall by fifteen feet around the belly!

The Unbelievable FemSkin V

Brand and Name of Makeup

Brand and Name of Makeup

Brand and Name of Makeup

Brand and Name of Makeup

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The technology necessary to get to this super stretchy - neck entry, smooth as real skin - suit was considerable, and every suit is a one-off made just for you.

The primary ingredients for the suit are platinum, refined oils and of course silicone – and the process of manufacturing the suit requires heat, pressure, humidity control, magnetism, ionization, and atomization.  Each step of the process is precisely monitored to ensure a final product with evenly distributed materials, consistent thinness and enough elasticity to allow the user to enter the suit easily. 

The suits’ soft as skin tactile feel is accomplished by controlling the surface tension and the refined oils that are applied to its surface while curing. Sensors inside the mold help handle the chore of ensuring uniform thinness and ensure that the suit is its most stretchy once cured.

The process conditions the silicone to be even softer, stronger, more supple, and stretch farther than any other product on the market including the FemSkins III and IV.

Being so stretchy, the Femskin V is the easiest FemSkin to put on despite being a single piece suit with no special entrance to enter it. Stepping in through the neck and pulling the suit over your body is quick and effortless.

Being so thin, the FemSkin V is the lightest and most comfortable FemSkin.

The vagina and anus are much thicker than the rest of the suit to accommodate penetration

The vagina is orientated directly between the legs as opposed to slightly in front as found in most similar products

The FemSkin V is incredibly strong despite being much thinner and softer than any other product of its kind


I don't doubt you've noticed a lack of photos for the FemSkin V. It being the newest FemSkin there have not been as many customers to volunteer modeling the FemSkin V. If you are interested in modeling this product, please contact us. It is not necessary to buy the FemSkin V to model the FemSkin V, but, FemSkin does absolutely require you to be an authentic member of the community who will actually use the FemSkin V habitually and can capture an authentic experience in their photos. You don't have to pay for it, but you still have to be a customer. We're not interested in models who have no interest in these types of products.

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