All products are 100% safe on or in the body.
All products are easily cleaned using soap and water
All products can be colored using any makeup for a perfect color match
All products are chemically resistant -
- cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, etcetera, will not harm them
All products are environmentally resistant -
- humidity, temperature, UV light, etcetera, will never cause decay or fade
All FemSkins are seamless
All vaginas and anuses are fully penetrable
No products require any special maintenance or care
All products come with a free replacement guarantee
All products were researched and developed by FemSkin

FemForms (breast forms)
cup sizes; E, DD, D and C

FemSkin V - The Light Weight
(NEW one piece suit)

FemSkin IV
(NEW two piece suit)

FemSkin III
(Original one piece suit)

FemPads (hip pads)

FemGirdle & FemGirdle II

Cherry Popper (vagina)
Three Great Designs!

Catsuit, silicone
Available in 9 great liquid metal
colors; blue, silver, white,
deep-steel, pink-pearl,
bubblegum, copper,
bronze and gold.


Femskin Iv Top FemGirdle II Bottom

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