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FemSkin III Package Deal (banner at right)
$1,850.00 (call or email for details)

Femskin III Color
FemGirdle Size
FemGirdle Color


Prices for items listed below include free shipping. All items sold as is with minor defects. Email for details and availability. No product listed here was ever worn or sold. They are manufacturer defects. 

All photos are thumbnails. If you click an image of a product it will enlarge by quite a lot as to allow you to better see the defects.


pale cherry popper

Extra from a specialty color order. This Cherry Popper is very pale. Just the right color for the right person. $250 Free Shipping  


Bonny Peach

Cherry Popper. Expand the photo and look to your upper left. A streak of pigment that refused to blend is the only issue with this Popper. $220 Free Shipping


Bonny Peach

A Cherry Popper with a few dark spots. This is dirty silicone from the outside of the mold that made its way in. Kinda looks like a beauty mark actually. $220 Free Shipping


Bonny Peach

It appears a bit dirty but I'm pretty sure that's my lens. This Cherry Popper has an unfortunate tear near the top. Otherwise perfect. I could cut the tear right out or glue it together before shipping. $200 Free Shipping


Femgirdle - Medium - Small tears in the left inner thigh and left hip. I accidently took pics before I trimmed in the inner thigh, but it will be trimmed before it gets to you. $400 Free Shipping. 


Femgirdle - Medium - Small tears on the left side. $500 Free Shipping. 

Howdy all, this is Adam. I apologize if listing this way is in any way a bother. If you're having a hard time just give us a call at (1) 352-461-6851 or email us at or contact me on Dollspride.

Thanks bud, have a lovely rest of your day.

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